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How to Organize Bathroom Counters

Make the most of your bathroom counters, without cluttering them up, by implementing any of these accessible organization ideas.

In an ideal world, your bathroom countertop would be pristine and clear of clutter at all times. Realistically, however, it’s more than likely you need it to hold a handful of your everyday essentials. This is especially true if you’re lacking medicine cabinet, vanity, or nearby closet storage. It’s important to have a system in place. Otherwise, it’s all too easy for the space to become overwhelmed with stuff, defeating the purpose of simplifying your routine. Use the following bathroom counter organization ideas to create a functional, as well as aesthetic, area to start and end your day.

Assess Your Counter Space

Your first task is to take a look at your current counter situation so that you can determine what it reasonably has room to store. If you’re working with a small bathroom vanity, your options will obviously be more limited. You’ll still have plenty of storage options to choose from but it’s smart to be aware of the countertop dimensions when devising your organization plan.

Declutter or Rehome the Rest

If your counter is currently littered with toiletries, take the time to clear it off. Check expiration dates and toss any products that have gone bad or that you no longer use. Relocate a stray headband to the bedroom, a special occasion lipstick to a drawer, and the cleaning spray bottle to its usual spot under the sink.

Streamline your Routine

Now that you have your essentials list and a clear space to work with, it’s helpful to create a getting ready routine. If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you most likely already have an established order to apply your products. If you like to keep it simple, figure out what products you use from first to last when you’re preparing for work or for bed. You might subconsciously get ready in the same way each day but being aware of it will help you better organize your countertop system.

Keep Like with Like

From here, sort out what you want to store on the counters in a vanity organizer (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens Faux Marble 4-Piece Vanity Organizer Set, $23, Walmart) by type. Separate daytime from night time skincare, corral oral care products, and set aside single-use items such as cotton rounds and swabs. Doing so will allow you to determine what storage solution is most fitting for you.

Choose the Best Bathroom Countertop Organizer

You’ve finally reached the fun part. Since you now know your space, stuff, and routine, it should be pretty straightforward to figure out the ideal way to keep everything neat. Select an idea from the below list, or a combination of them, to create customized organization on your bathroom counters.

  • Tray: One of the simplest ways to keep a few items contained on the countertop is to place down a tray (such as this Better Homes & Gardens Faux Marble Vanity Tray, $12, Walmart). It can be mirrored, ceramic, acrylic, or any material you think fits your bathroom’s style. The important thing is to get into the habit of returning things to it when you’re done so the rest of the counter stays clear. This is a better method for those with minimal routines and products.
  • Lazy Susan: Another exceptionally easy idea is to find a lazy Susan that will fit width wise on the countertop. They’re great tools to use specifically for round shaped items so feel free to add your various serum or hair styling bottles. Try out a divided turntable to store similar things together as discussed above.
  • Anything Tiered: For those with a plethora of products to organize, go vertical. Organizers with various tiers take up minimal countertop space yet still provide plenty of storage. Choose one that fits your aesthetic such as a glam tray, rustic baskets, or an antique cake stand. Hint: if you love the idea of a revolving lazy susan, search for a double tiered version.
  • Apothecary Jars: A set of unique glass jars not only gives your bathroom a spa-like look, they also serve a fabulous organizational purpose. Decant the disposable things you use daily such as floss sticks and cotton rounds or use a tall jar for makeup brushes. Not only do they keep your things tidy, items stay dust-free under the lids.
  • Acrylic Makeup Case: These are an excellent choice for a variety of products, because many versions are customizable. You can buy individual pieces from pull out drawers to standing slots (for things like lipsticks or eyeliners) and add on or adjust as your needs change. Because they’re stacking, this is also a great idea to maximize storage while minimizing surface space.
  • Hair Tool Organizer: If you’re whipping out the blow dryer or flat iron on a regular basis, it might make the most sense to store them on top of the counter for easy access. Look for a standing organizer that’s designed to hold your most frequently used hot tools. Some versions also include compartments for brushes, styling products, or accessories, like hair ties and clips.
  • Cup or Mug: Head to your kitchen for this effortless (and free) idea. Everyone usually has that one-off glass or mug that sits unused in the cabinet so why not repurpose it in the bathroom instead? Drop your toothbrush, tongue scraper, and toothpaste tube into it or use one to display your makeup brush collection. If you don’t have a spare one in the house, try thrifting one for a vintage bathroom look.
  • Trinket Dish: Something else you can recycle from another area of the house is a tiny plate or bowl. Place it on the bathroom counter to collect your everyday jewelry pieces, errant bobby pins, or that overnight lip balm that you can’t live without.
  • Basket: Create the ultimate guest bathroom experience by placing a basket on the countertop to corral items they might need but don’t necessarily want to ask for. Neatly roll or fold towels for their face then tuck in an odor spray plus some basic comfort items like a bottle of hand lotion, a lint roller, or mints.

Take Look on below bathroom storage and organization products. You choose some of them to maximize your bathroom spaces.

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