Bedroom Essentials

Bedroom Essentials For Making A Cozy And Comfortable Bed

Your bed is your sanctuary. It’s a small space to cuddle up and relax, enjoy your favorite book, and, of course, sleep. And the best beds are dream-inducing at any time of day—not just when your eyes are closed. That’s the kind of bed you deserve.

Creating a dreamy, cozy bed to snuggle into is about more than just the mattress (even though it does play a vital role). To craft the comfiest, softest, most inviting setup, you’ll want to take a holistic approach to your sleep environment—we’re talking high-quality cotton sheets, a customizable bed frame, the perfect pillows, mattress topper, and more.

If you’re looking to kick your snooze game up a notch, follow these five tips on how to make your bed cozy. Before you know it, you’ll be catching your Zs in pure bliss.

1. Add a Layer to Protect Your Mattress & Pillows

First and foremost, a dreamy sleep setup starts with a comfortable bed. With most of us spending at least one-third of our lives in bed, selecting the right mattress is a must.

Your first instinct when shopping for a “cozy” bed may be to find a mattress and Pillows you can sink into. In reality, comfort is all about sinking into the right places. However, it is difficult to clear them. Hence, you should add a layer to keep your mattress and pillows clean.

02. Choose the Stylish & Comfortable Bedding

A dreamy, cozy bed goes far beyond the mattress and pillows. Once you’ve picked out your favorite options, it’s time to cover them with the best of the best.

Pillow covers and sheets do more than keep your bed clean—they can also improve your overall comfort level. True coziness begins when you’re snug as a bug under the covers. Curate a cozy bedroom with a 4-piece bedding set.

4 Pieces Set includes: 1x Duvet Cover, 1x Bedsheet, 2x Standard Pillowcases. You purchase it based on your bed side.

03. Layer on Cozy Blankets and Throws 

When you think of snuggling up for a quick nap, a throw blanket can be your go-to. Add one or two throw blankets to the end of your bed to add warm layers that invited you to dive in.

You can find throw blankets in a variety of materials and weaves to curate a cozy vibe you love. At Casper, you can choose cotton for a soft, lightweight feel or wool for a warm, sweater-soft feel.

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